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Rescuing, feeding, educating, and re-rehabilitating under-privileged and neglected children is one of the most important works TRUE VISION INDIA is engaged in. Every day hundreds of thousands of children throughout the world are dying without getting any milk or food. Love and care are neglected to so many children. In many poverty-stricken places so many precious children are subjected to sexual exploitation and child labor which we can’t close our eyes to.

While we may not be able to change the whole world, each sponsor can change the world of a child. The support, prayers, and love of a sponsor give a child hope for a bright future. As your child’s sponsor, you play a very important role in his or her whole future life through which you are building up a healthy community.

As a sponsor, you will have a meaningful connection between you and the child you support. The child you support will know your name, write to you and benefit directly from your monthly sponsorship. And in return, you can help your sponsored child develop a sense of confidence and self-worth by the love you express through letters and prayers.

Your relationship with your sponsored child makes you an important person who has a significant role in his or her development.

You can sponsor a child for $50 a month and your decision to support a child will open the “Door of Hope” to a child.


I have personally witnessed in so many places where children going to school fall down during school hours. As the school authorities enquire about the reason the reality is that the child or any other siblings did not eat any food for many days.

Even though some children live in their homes with the parents because of the lack of any resources these children starve. So with $25 a month, you can feed such a child and allow him or her to continue his or her studies and have a future. Besides the existing Children’s Rescue Centre (C.R.C) in Karmatar (Darjeling District) we have another C.R.C in Pasupathy in Nepal. Presently 43 children are being taken care of.


True Vision works among the poorest of people in the slums and remote villages. There are several millions of people around the world who are underprivileged and neglected. Providing clean water is one of the important concerns of this ministry. We help the people making water wells either concrete ring well or bore well according to the soil structure.

True Vision India aims to drill water wells in very needed places where people suffer like anything for clean drinking water. Either as a person or as a group you can play a vital role in this community’s help.


So many brilliant students around the world who are not lucky enough to achieve good vocational training or a university degree just because there is no money. Leena Francis is only one of the several underprivileged students. She was studying nursing. But because she could not pay the fees she was stopped from continuing her second year of nursing. As we understood the pathetic situation she was in, we gave her sufficient monetary help to continue her studies. Thus presently she has completed her course and working as a full-time nurse.


These are few scenes from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh State of India. Families live under these kinds of plastic tents. All kinds of immoralities and gang works are happening in this kind of places. True Vision is dedicated to maintain a personal relationship with the inhabitants of these slums and try to keep them away from drugs and alcohol.


True vision is playing a vital role in the Andaman Islands among the mentally retarded and aged people who are totally neglected and thrown out of their homes. The ministry is quite expensive. Your prays and support are needed so that we can continue to reach out to them.


We believe that the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ is the only way we can establish Peace in the World. So helping preachers go to the places and share the gospel is a very important responsibility.

We do a lot of things to take the gospel to many remote parts of the world.

It is a great opportunity for you to join the Gospel Partner Club and play a vital role. Any kind of support will do a lot in this mission. Whether small or big I encourage you to join GPC and change the world.


Invaders is a Global Network of Youths. By becoming a member of “Invaders” you can bring out your talents, experiences, and testimonies, etc. for others’ benefit and in turn, you would get an opportunity to join with a “worldwide youth Action” You may contact our office for more information.


“TRUE VISION” is the official Magazine of True Vision India. In TRUE VISION, you can get precious writings of world-renowned servants of God and get many insights and guidance, study materials counseling, testimonies, and much more available for you in True Vision Magazine.